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Chrysalis For Schools

Chrysalis have a strong passion to work with young people to help them recognise and develop their skills sets and equip them with invaluable tools to have the best opportunity in finding work in today's climate.

We have worked in the recruitment and guidance sector for many years and it has become apparent that students who have additional support ahead of leaving school have an enhanced opportunity in being successful in finding work once they have completed their education.

All of our services can be extended or condensed to suit your particular needs. We offer all of our programmes on a workshop or short presentation basis, dependant on the stage of your student's education.

CV Writing Workshops

Tips on how to set out and plan your CV

What important information to add to your CV and what to leave out
Identifying students current skills and transferable skills
Highlighting their hobbies & interests, it is important to make these as personal and non-generic as possible
Discuss when to use different types of CV's such as Skills based CVs or Qualification based CVs.
Tips on formatting and correct use of language
Tips on how to adapt and direct your CV to a particular role

Due to many years' experience in recruitment and CV writing, this is an area that we are very experienced in and have the skills to create a strong CV for students to begin their working career with.

Interview Preparation Workshops:

Chrysalis can assist with:

Interview tips and techniques
121 and small group work including role play of interview scenarios
Interview preparation and doing your research
Interview and questions and answers to have ready
What to ask at the first and second interview stage and what not to ask.
Body language and appearance

If you are a School that is interested in learning more about our student packages, please contact us by email on or call 07802 725 400.

We would welcome the opportunity to arrange a visit to your school to discuss how our Careers & IAG services can work for you!

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